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For over twenty years I have eased either hospital or public diabetes support groups in many nations, helping hundreds of people during the years. Beginning in 1992, I made a decision to help other people to meet the challenge of diabetes from starting a diabetes support team at Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney, Nebraska with the help of my physician. I was able to meet, function, and encourage hundreds of individuals over the upcoming few years, and that I continue to do this wherever I live. I believe encouraging others has been among the essential keys for me to manage my diabetes for the last twenty-five years. The following is a good example of one of those folks I managed to help.

“Ever since I met with you, matters have gone a lot better for me,” stated a person I originally met at the hospital. The certified diabetes teacher requested that I come see him. He had been non-compliant, placing sheets over his mind when nurses and others tried to educate and help him. But since I'd had diabetes since I was seven, and he since he was about thirteen, he started up to me. He had been about thirty-three at that moment. He eventually ended up on peritoneal kidney dialysis. He was put on a transplant list and months later, received a kidney and pancreas. Then a couple of months afterwards, he was included in a train/car wreck, breaking a number of ribs his arm, and femur, and sparking acute injury to his head. He even made the statement “Ever since I met with you items have gone thus far better for me personally,” later being in rehab for weeks. But ever since I met with him, he had been learning about God’s love and way of knowledge, which knowledge has been making a true difference in his life!

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