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THE CURE FOR THE COMMON CRUISE – Join Marsha & Danny Jones because they work around the clock fighting off killers and terrorists on the planet’s most hazardous cruise ship – the SEA EMPRESS. The 21st Century version of Nick & Nora Charles of Marsha, the Thin Man & Danny are DEADLY. DANGEROUS. DETERMINED.
The natives never quit and the cruises never end as Marsha & Danny work to conquer them.
Bookings such as the Sea Empress flourish instead of plummeting when travellers refuse to allow terrorists scare them out of the holidays!
• Browse Rossignol’s offense, history and travel in information publications too in both Chesapeake series.
• THE CHESAPEAKE: Tales & Scales; Legends, Yarns, & Barnacles and the next collection of short stories in Oyster Buyboats, Ships & Steamed Crabs provides the shared memories of those that lived life to the fullest in the Chesapeake region.
• CHESAPEAKE 1850: Steamboats & Oyster Wars – the News Reader starts the fictional tale of the Ethan Douglas household when at age ten, Ethan came to live with his mommy, the captain of a Chesapeake Bay steamship. Over the following thirty years, the family faces a lifetime of the war, hurricanes, and oyster plantations and the dawning of the era of industrialization.
• CHESAPEAKE 1880 occupies the next three decades of life in the Chesapeake region.
• CHESAPEAKE 1910 (Release at April 2017) joins the world-shaking events of warfare as well as the effect of Prohibition, the Roaring Twenties and also the Great Depression.
• PIRATE TRIALS show – Accounts in the 18th and 19th century of real offenses of ruthless and bloodthirsty pirates included the excruciatingly comprehensive trial

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