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Kerry Nelson Selman is healer, a teacher, and also the author. She encourages and empowers us release and and self-responsibility to adopt. Kerry motivates us to beg to be yet we choose to become ... and be that we decide to be.
Kerry is also a natural treatment practitioner and includes naturopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, and energy medicine are a part of her health practice ... she's a healer, facilitator of wellbeing and wellness, and energy alchemist. She is also the lively founder and Educator Chairman of Vibrational Oneness, along with an equally loving Reiki Master/Teacher; she's resides that which she teaches and also likes yoga, tai chi, and meditation as part of her everyday practice. Kerry is passionate about relieving wellness and wellbeing in all who visit her ... whether as a writer, teacher, or professional. She brings together most of her understanding and passions within her writing.
She understands how it feels to dare to select a different course. Deciding to leave business and the town, Kerry and her husband chose simplicity and ease ... and so their journeys forked onto a new route. Life holds very little similarity to what has past, now.
Kerry writes motivated and inspiring books of self-mastery along with self-realization. She shares her passions and knowledge, and often involves snippets of her transitions with truth and humor. She writes to inspire, enable, and sometimes challenge each of us to be that we decide to be. There may be no greater pleasure for Kerry compared to uplift, ease relief, or excite strength to modify. She writes from the heart and also, at the very least, it's Kerry's hope that viewers have renewed understanding nothing matters more than the way they believe ... and they get to choose for them at every moment.

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