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"I believe we can change the entire world through stories. 'The world,' says Muriel Rukeyser, 'isn't made from atoms, but of tales.' I believe in making a difference in the lives of many others through the power of storytelling, both as a story teller myself and as a "story merchant" who enables other storytellers to really make a difference."

Dr. Ken Atchity loves becoming a writer, producer, teacher, career coach, and literary director, responsible for launching hundreds of books and films. The passion of his life turning them into bestselling writers and screenwriters and is finding good stories and storytellers--also making films that send their stories.

His books include, most recently, novels THE MESSIAH MATRIX and SEVEN WAYS TO DIE (using William Diehl) and nonfiction books for writers at each stage of the career. According to managing his teaching, and writing experience, he's successfully built bestselling professions for nonfiction writers, novelists, along with screenwriters from the ground up.

Atchity has also produced 30 films, including "Hysteria" (Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy), "The Expatriate" (Aaron Eckhart), "The Lost Valentine" (Betty White), "Gospel Hill" (Danny Glover), "Joe Somebody" (Tim Allen), "Life or Something Like It" (Angelina Jolie), "The Amityville Horror: The Evil Escapes," "Shadow of Obsession" (Veronica Hammel), "The Madam's Family" (Ellen Burstyn). Total film bio at

He had been born in Eunice, Louisiana; and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, where he attended Rockhurst High School (and was editor in chief of The Prep News). After undergraduate work at Georgetown (A.B., English/Classics), and Receiving his Ph.D. in comparative literature from Yale, he served as professor and chairman of relative math and creativ

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