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First printed at 12, I've had a lifetime career composing articles, columns, and books. I've been editor of more than a dozen periodicals (newspapers and magazines) and a irrigation manager in a publishing home. Teaching writing and editing other people's work has been a satisfying addition to my love of words and the power that they have.
* I attract my triggers to my written work. As soon as I discovered and rescued three kittens abandoned in a box, they became the subjects of a daily journal that turned into three books: Kitten Love, Learn from My Mistakes, along with Crazy Cat Ladies. People have been consolidated into Kitten Love: The Trilogy.
* Losses of family members and pets led me to turn my Processing Loss Workshop to a Workbook which contains touching stories from a lot of different individuals in addition to many approaches for healing and migraines.
* Raised for a professional flute player, I highly experienced the brutal contest that serious young classical musicians often face. My book The Soloists, a romance/suspense novel, has a main character that composites my experiences with those of my cousin--an internationally famous artist since youth.
* My site and eBook Nude Shades of Graying: Love, Romance, and Sex After Fifty are all about the right we have to appreciate those aspects during our lives. Most of the book is pieces submitted to the site: a lot of happy stories, a few tearjerkers, and comedy.
* Throughout my years as the English as Second Language teacher, I cried nearly every day more than stories I heard about what had brought people to the US--wars and prejudices, thirst and trust. And I learned about what happened to these here, particularly about the prejudices and disappointments. A magic realist dream, my novella The Queen of Mean: The Conversion of a Cold & Prejudiced Heart is my homage to the courage it takes to find a new house--the most ever present possibility of prejudice to melt from the presence

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