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For thirty-five years, Kevin A. Muhammad has dedicated his life to teaching the human family about how to attain and sustain great mental and bodily health. He has slowly emerged as a major author, publishing more than a dozen publications that describe the worth of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's Teachings.

Kevin A. Muhammad's 3-volume book series, FAQs About The Way To Eat To Live, is regarded as a "eye-opener" to the rationale supporting the dietary paychecks issued at the novels, How To Eat To Live by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Additionally, his books about the risks of vaccination are highly regarded as the most comprehensive books on this subject.

A Couple of Mr. Muhammad's books contain:
-- Obesity, Diabetes & How To Eat To Live : Transcending the Dietary Dark Ages
-- The Slave Diet, Disease & Reparations
-- Dietary Considerations for Prostate Cancer Patients
-- The Power of MODESTY: The Secret to Health, Beauty & Longevity

Kevin A. Muhammad resides in Newark, Delaware with his wife, Marcia.

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