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My work was a constant search, from various perspectives, to get a true spirituality that is American, incorporating our western tradition together with the other traditions of the world, and the indigenous spirituality of the men and women who inhabited this continent. Someone once called guerilla theologian & #x 201c; me a,” also I believe that's fairly accurate.

I am deeply concerned with the human condition and our responsibility to the earth, the folks on it, along with the generations to come. I believe that we are, at heart, spiritual beings trying meaning, and that I attempt to honor that search within my life and my job.

If there is a quote that I live by, it's the entreaty of the Lakota Chief, Sitting Bull, who said into the U.S. government that has been trying to eliminate his folks, "Come, let us put our minds together to see what type of life we can create for our children."

A great deal more about me and my work can be seen in my website,

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