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I’m KG, an earth-loving aromatherapist, metaphysical trainer and holistic health educator of more than 35 years. I'm passionate about helping people become the man they most want to function as living a complete life.

Over the past three decades I have worked with many actors and have been known as the, "Aromatherapist to the Stars! ” My services and advice have included not just globally famous athletes and celebrities, but also entrepreneurs and top executives, people, small business owners, spa therapists, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Born-and-raised at Wilmington, North Carolina I understood from a really young age I needed to help people feel much better. I recognized early on it was how people were believing that triggered many, or even all, of the problems. I became enthusiastic about changing the way people think about their own life situation. After faculty and with just a desire to assist people overcome their challenges I started pursuing my fantasy.

After discovering the work of Carl Jung and Rudolph Steiner I traveled to the Findhorn community in Scotland and became even more chilled in the transformational healing arts. After being introduced into essential oils, I understood that I'd discovered what I had been looking for my whole life. One sniff of pure plant essences can instantly shift a person’s thinking and mental attitude.

I’t used essential oils along with another holistic healing processes to recover from early youth issues of abuse, in addition to a ten-year physical handicap that included chronic fatigue, chronic patterns of anxiety, heavy metal poisoning, Candida and allergies. Throughout this moment, I relentlessly spent tens of thousands of dollars hunting and attempting heaps of holistic and psychiatric remedies, none of which actually helped. As a matter of fact, my symptoms of pain and dysfunction simply kept getting worse

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