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Khalid has worked in a number of international large, global companies such as a well-known Fortune 500 company. These positions took him to various countries across Europe and the Middle East over the last 10 decades. He initially studies engineering, went on to complete additional research within the subject of supply chain. He has written several novels about supply chain and procurement.

For a side industry, he's founded sequential sites (most of them are absolute failure:-RRB-) from SEO, Freelancers, Market Review, Affiliate Market, Dropshipping and more. He'll highlight as much as I could in his novels these failures to you personally and how to overcome them, so you don't have to make my stupid mistakes.

Khalid has chosen to help people like him who are struggling in their lives and really wanna attain the things that they have been dreaming of. He thinks everyone can be successful and realize their own dreams if they simply have the right mindset! That’s ; this is the core, the perfect mindset.

He can do my best to insure big obstacles he has personally gone through, and he is sure every entrepreneur out there has.

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