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Keith L. Moore, BA,MSc,PhD,DSc(Hon),FAAA,FRSM,FIAC

Dr. Moore, Professor Emeritus in the Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery,Faculty of Medicine,University of Toronto, Toronto ON, Canada. Prior to his retirement in 1991, Dr. Moore was Chair of the Department of Anatomy (1976-1985)and Associate Dean of Basic Medical Sciences(1985-1990). Before moving into the University of Toronto, Dr. Moore had been Professor and Head of the Department of Anatomy (1956-1975) in the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg,MB.
A graduate of Western University in London ON,Canada, Dr. Moore's research was mostly concerned with the causes and prevention of congenital anomalies (birth defects). His work led for the discovery of chromosomal anomalies. He was the first scientist. Back in 1965, Dr. Moore established a buccal smear sex chromatin test that is still employed for the discovery of numerical chromosomal abnormalities.
Dr. Moore is a globally recognized leader in the teaching of human anatomy and embryology. Textbooks, his writings and an inspirational instructor are all considered among the finest in the area, and are employed around the globe in medical colleges. His contributions are an advantage for science, education and society as a whole.
Dr. Moore has published numerous scientific papers dealing with prenatal development and birth defects. He is the author of 13 medical textbooks in anatomy, embryology and neuroanatomy. Five of these books are still in print. The 8th edition of The Growing Human has been translated into 12 other languages. The edition of his novel has been translated into seven languages. It's used from 80 percent of students and internationally. Another publications, Vital Clinical Ana

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