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Before 2001, Kevin was an experienced technology executive working on advanced mobile telecommunications products and solutions like E911, Wireless Location Services®, the emergence of mobile commerce and mobile network connected touch screen PDAs (iPAQ from Compaq Computers), banking and navigation software and cellular operator infrastructure.

Following his then two year old's analysis with type 1 diabetes, he designed the very first apparatus and system for enabling a remotely controllable Artificial Pancreas (AP).

"My very first step on the path to a Artificial Pancreas has been an FDA regulated blood glucose meter coat with built in cellular network connectivity, real-time peer group analytics and remote management via the Internet".

He made a company called Diabetech and the device was called GlucoMON®-ADMS. From 2004, this device was at the hands of hundreds of patients within carefully monitored clinical trials below Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight. These research findings were shared with health programs (ie. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas), private foundations (ie. JDRF, Helmsley Trust, ... ) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Through early pilots of the first-generation prototype cloud based remote observation and schooling strategy, much was heard about the behavioral characteristics of living with type 1 diabetes. His team developed the first games and predictive analytics as just a few methods to engage patients beyond shuttling amounts here and there. At the 2003 Diabetes Technology Society's yearly assembly, Diabetech reported findings by the first research and delivered the message to other researchers which people want less work and much better opinions beyond logging more information and receiving just graphs and graphs.

Since those early times, Kevin's work expanded to utilizing this technology to support more than a dozen behavioral and practice

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