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'Kia is a Token, no, she is THE Token of Vampire & Paranormal books.' ~ 5 STAR Reviewer.
Prepare to combine an entirely different style of composing and worlds. The Australian author has a exceptional style of writing- creating an emotional roller coaster and fast paced actions. Presence and her writing in the literary universe was described as 'the new up and coming author' and 'hauntingly beautiful'.
Kia's writing ranges from young mature, paranormal, romance, erotica, dream and dystopian; beginning with her Best Selling series, that has made it into the top 20 at Dystopian on and #26 in the top 50 Books To See 2015 by ReadFree.
Her first show, The Three Fragrant Blades has observed both young readers and old, along with her rich blend of fast paced action, romance and adventure and has won a lot of awards already, including; 'Greatest Fantasy Series of 2014', 'Best Novel poor Guy of 2014', and 'Greatest Cliffhanger of 2014'.
She's won numerous awards on her contemporary romance series, My Escort and erotica/ humor collection, Aroused: Taming Himself Series. Hearts have staged and created a few book boyfriends along the way with the cockiness of Hayden along with Damon's charm.
Kia grew up at the Darling Downs Region in Queensland, Australia. Graduating High School, she pursued a career. In 2014, having always had a passion for writing fiction, so she chose to follow her dream of being an accomplished author.
Kia plans to make her novels internationally known and is currently creating a name for himself amongst social networking, fans, readers and spectators.
Throughout the weekdays Kia functions at her Monday to Friday project in Logistics and Transport. She leaves her book worlds into the evening time and weekends, being described as a young girl.
Kia has attended numerous guest speaking, conference signings, along with signings such as at Dymocks boo

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