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Kimberly A. Houser is currently a company consultant, lawyer, professor, and writer, who has been advising clients and lecturing on Internet law and e-commerce problems for over a decade. She earned her law degree in 1987 from the University of Illinois and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1984. Kimberly is a Clinical Associate Professor of Business Law for Washington State University, which permits her to stay. She is well-known for being able to break complicated issues down .

Her main research area involves exploring the paradox of implementing current laws to emerging technology. Kimberly is the writer of Survey of American Law, an legislation textbook for undergraduate students and was published in the International Journal of Business and Public Administration and the Illinois Bar Journal. She is the recipient of a Rickert Award in also an Am Jur at Trial Advocacy and Excellence in Clinical Legal Education. She's also the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, part of the Legal Writing Institute, and the Cyber Law and Data Privacy Section of the Chicago Bar Association.

The beginning of the book began years back, when Kimberly had been looking for a legal counsel she would suggest for her company clients who were beginning to put up websites and discovered that there were not any such books on the market. She started putting together a laptop with a collection of articles, cases, and also blog posts covering the legal problems. When she learned that increasingly more of her clients were posting articles on networking and other websites, she included that information. She was shocked to discover clients posting false testimonials of their services, copying from other websites without autho

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