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Kim Haasarud is writer, a James Beard-honored mixologist, and beverage consultant. She conceives her trademark cocktails much as a specialty dish would be created by Alice Waters, getting inspiration. “Cocktails, such as meals, ought to be experiences,” states Haasarud. “It's about blending ingredients to make a sensation and also lure all of the senses. ”

You won’t locate the normal Cosmopolitan or mix-based Margarita on Haasarud’s ever-changing bar card. Depending on the season or the event, she might shake Martini infusing teas using fruits that are muddled up, or concoct a Margarita with ripe kumquats or some combination of fresh herbs and kiwis.

Like most of her peers, Haasarud bartended her way through college. However, what was just a job for many turned into a creative outlet for her sense of taste. It sparked a lasting passion for building good cocktails, one which Haasarud succeeds to gratify after graduating and heading to work in film and television. She found her chance. “The drinks and the bars have been always the same and always boring, #x 201d and topics, & despite very inventive food; says Haasarud. “I realized that a cocktail adventure would add a element that is wealthy to every occasion. ” And #x 2019 Haasarud &;Liquid Architecture, s firm, has been formed.

Haasarud’s noodle has awakened a huge following in the New York and Los Angeles. She works with such classes including: PF Changs, Wyndham Worldwide Hotels & Resorts, OMNI, Ritz Carlton, Mastro’therefore, Z’Tejas, Darden, Brinker, TGI Fridays and hundreds of cafe and wine and soul customers have commissioned specialty cocktails by Haasarud, including Moet-Hennessy, SKYY Spirits, Future Brands, Diageo, Maxim,

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