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Kim Michaels is a prolific author who has published over 50 books on mysticism, personal development and esoteric spirituality.

Kim has been on the spiritual path for over 40 decades and has studied a huge variety of spiritual teachings, has practiced several spiritual procedures and has been engaged with different religious organizations. He has personally experienced every facet of the route and writes from direct experience.

Kim Michaels is an specialist in the worldwide, mysterious path beyond most of external religions, philosophies and practitioners. He has a particular enthusiasm for the universal teachings of Jesus and how Jesus taught and shown a mysterious path to a higher state of awareness.

Kim Michaels has ran spiritual conferences and workshops in 14 states and has counseled countless spiritual students. He's also cohost of the weekly radio show Divine Love Discuss on CRN.

His novels have been translated into 10 languages.

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Kim started his own publishing company in 2002,

Kim has since 2002 generated and maintained sites that together contain the biggest collection of free spiritual content which can be found on the Internet. The websites are:

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