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Writer Kimberly Pryor was discouraged. Two intimate friends got divorced from their husbands. And she hadn't been successful at finding. She wondered if "'Til Death Do us part" was just a myth.

"Indestructible connection?" She thought. "Is there such a thing?"

For a journalist who has had more than 600 magazine and newspaper articles printed, she set out to answer this query. First, in a journal article about partners who had overcome. Since, she believed, if a relationship can endure a house burning down in insolvency, a chronic illness, the death of a youngster, or a fire, then it might endure daily struggles. The goal of Kimberly? To prove that indestructible connections are possible, and this divorce doesn't have to become a fact of life.

Kimberly was amazed by the inspirational tales she heard in the spouses she interviewed. Wayne and Barb, that travelled through the jolt of Wayne injuring himself in a family soccer game and becoming a quadriplegic a month following their wedding almost 40 decades back. Meryl and George, whose son Danny died at the age of 11 of cardiovascular disease. After she survived breast cancer, Martin, who felt uncomfortable with how his spouse priorities changed. And other couples who'd gone through wildfires, floods , chronic sickness, work stress, home foreclosure and bankruptcy.

She chose all these inspirational stories about overcoming adversity couldn't be told at a magazine article alone.

The Indestructible Dating publication has been born.

As one person who was—also so is—searching for a long-term spouse—the topic fascinated her: what skills do couples use to maintain their unions strong throughout and following major traumas? How is

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