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I am a channel to your Elohim, a Guardian of the "Amenti Stargate" and a previous member of the Atla-Ra (Atlantean Priesthood), and "Law of One".
I've access to this Elohim's computers that contain higher evolutionary codes, and also the etheric vaults of Giza comprising sacred texts developed to shift us into Christ Consciousness and the rest levels open for us as humans.
As a member of this Atla-Ra, I held an 12th dimensional frequency inside a 3rd dimensional figure. I planned to return with this Awakening bicycle, to bring the codes of LIFE back, and reunite you to your Divine nation of IMMORTALITY. Working by the Quantum Level, out the legislation of Time & Space, I deliver you lots of tools, which contain the return of the GATEWAY SYSTEMS out of Atlantis, and also using Scalar Energy.

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