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Kodak LED Lighting, a California-based company, holds the world's largest collection of dimmable LED filament lamps. Their expertise working with contractors, developers, and designers has helped them to reach years of success providing cutting-edge LED lamps to resorts, retail shops, restaurants, commercial properties, and residential environments. Every Kodak LED bulb has been designed to disperse light from the correct location & in the best angles and continues for up to ten years for long-lasting powerful use.

Beyond Engineering:

Working with top interior and architectural designers has supplied us with a solid knowledge base and comprehension of lighting to current and future lighting difficulties.

Proven Technology:

Our passion to provide the very best looking light potential has resulted in long-lasting, energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing lamps with minimal environmental effect through years of effective operation in demanding environments, including hotels, retail shops, restaurants, and even homes.

Kodak LED Filament bulbs provide a 360-degree beam angle, delivering incandescent-like sparkling light consequences. These durable bulbs are well-suited for light at the hospitality industry, as well as in home surroundings.   Kodak LED Filament bulbs supply the warm lighting you need while looking beautiful in almost any fixture.

KODAK LED Lighting has 11 products available for sale in the category of Tools & Home Improvement.

KODAK LED Lighting is rated 6 out of 10 based on 136 reviews.

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241067 UL Dimmable LED Torpedo 25 watt product image


41116 UL Dimmable LED Candle 25 Watt product image


41181 UL Dimmable LED Multi Filament 75 watt product image


41145 UL Dimmable LED Multi Filament 100 watt product image


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41067 UL Dimmable LED Torpedo 25 watt product image


41143 UL Dimmable LED Candle Torpedo product image


41063 UL Dimmable LED Torpedo 40 watt product image


55000 UL Dimmable LED Torpedo 55 Watt product image


41070 UL Dimmable LED Multi Filament 60 watt product image