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As advocated in The New York Times, Forbes, PC Mag and eHow...

The decal adheres to a existing SIM card and only activates when you're travelling. It remains dormant while in your home.  

KnowRoaming works with any sized SIM card and works with unlocked iPhones (newer and 5), Android phones (4.0 and newer), Windows Mobile phones, in addition to iPads and Android tablets. All apparatus have to be unlocked.

Download the KnowRoaming Program to enroll your sticker. In the app you can:

  • Load your account with prepaid charge

  • Subscribe to this optional ReachMe call forwarding feature to get all the calls for your house phone amount while you're traveling

  • View local voice, data and SMS rates

  • Monitor your voice and data usage in real-time

"KnowRoaming is a technology company that has figured out how to create your smartphone even smarter if you travel overseas by letting it change to a network provider." -Forbes

"Using the KnowRoaming decal set up, you can roam to a heart's content without racking up excessive charges with your home carrier" -PC Mag

"If you regularly travel abroad, this might be the best thing to happen to you since the neck pillow." -eHow

"One of the smartest travel tools I've used" -Gear Diary

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KnowRoaming is rated 6 out of 10 based on 65 reviews.

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