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Kooky Puzzle Lovers started with a group of puzzle fans ... and yes, they're a little kooky. Their title has been formed. They were brought by their love of any kind of brain development and their love for trouble solving encouraged puzzles to be developed by them. Their future dream would be to create many types of puzzles. That includes Sudoku, Word Search, Cryptograms, Fill-In, Mazes, and number. So ... search for more puzzles.

Following long talks on the dimensions of books, they chose to produce various sizes and depth. Some members need novels which may be rolled-up and put in a handbag or briefcase. So that they do not require a hard surface to write on some desire thicker books. Obviously, so they charge, those books need to get more pages. When there's a novel you'd prefer, let us all know at They'll be pleased to oblige.

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