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Would you love modern love in exotic settings?

Apart from my Sheikhs, my books are about couples who fall in love in my lovely homeland of New Zealand - three green islands deep in the southern Pacific Ocean. This where you'll find the famous All Blacks rugby team, lovely deserted beaches, amazing wines, the best ice-cream on earth, and people who live life to the full. The property produces a atmosphere for my passionate stories. See more in - and sign up for my occasional newsletter as you're there.

Concerning me? I am a lifelong author, a keen gardener, an advertising copywriter, a decoration specialist, and the author of THE BOAT BUILDER'S BED, of that almost two million have been downloaded. Giving this away taste of my job kick-started earnings of of my other novels.

My Heartlands series follows the women who reside deep within the New Zealand countryside. The Wellington Series is place in the capital town so that I can make use of the beautiful sanctuary from the plots. And I have two sheikh books (hot) and also an anthology of 19 short stories (no gender!) The next series is set at Scarlet Bay. The very first book is tough TO REGRET, and HARD TO RESIST will follow.

Four of those books are available in Spanish. There is a Spanish version of my site - click the flags at the top right to change languages.

The photographs show me within my garden... some of my new covers... using Rosalind James and Tracey Alvarez... a number of those authors at the last Romance Writers of New Zealand conference... Mitre Peak in the south west of New Zealand... Wellington harbour... along with my author friends Dakota Harrison, Kendra Delugar, Gracie O'Neill and Maggie Le Page. There's also the cover of my newest book - the first in my Bay series.
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Kris es una chispeante autora p romántica contemporánea, pura y simplemente. ¡Bueno, quizá no tan pura! Se trata de historias sensuales sob

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