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Kristen Webster is an inspiration igniter, teacher, healer, bestselling writer and dedicated mother. She is deeply motivated by life and directed through an insatiable curiosity to explore the depths of untapped possibilities and human possibility.

As a trained energy/intuitive Profession, she has directed and inspired countless people to locate their passion and create an inspired strategy of action in order that they can unleash their joy, build thriving, heart-based companies, and find the deep, intimate relationships and juicy, vibrant lives they want.

An lifelong passion of assisting others step in their real power and capacity, has led Kristen to co-create many strong programs such as, Unlock Your Abundance Matrix™, Sunday Morning Holographic Playground™ and Dream It, Live It™. She can also be seen helping others heal, develop, and discover their enthusiasm and intention, as a facilitator in many courses she runs through the entire year.

Her joyous and unique approach to business and life has helped women, and men equally, heal from injury, overwhelm, reduction and hopelessness and find direction, significance and the FREEDOM to reside on their terms.

To discover new methods to set your soul on fire, visit, and book FREE 30 minute True Potential Session. Is not it time you start living the life span of YOUR dreams?

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