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KuroKoneko’s books are now being turned to audiobooks for the pleasure of her readers!
Druid Vampire audiobook, Narrated by Patrick Zeller

Highlander Hellcat, Narrated by Robert Ross

Hollywood Merman, Narrated by Justin Usle
Vampire Punk, Narrated by Joey Smith
Wicked Bartender, Narrated by Dragon King Aradace
Rockstar Ghost, Narrated by Ahko Revari
Bitch Heiress X Samurai Butler, Narrated by Edward Sweeny
Incubus Chocolatier, Narrated by Phil Avalos

Writer KuroKoneko Kamen has ever been an interest in Japanese culture from folktales around yokai into anime and manga. Of being an otaku, as a result lots of her stories are set in Japan or possess a Japanese theme. Even when in the midst of a pirate publication expect a samurai warrior to be chucked into the mix. Her latest passion is paranormal romance and she stories where ghosts find love. Keeping her company as she composes are her many dogs and cats, some of which are rescues (today including a pet turtle someone wanted to make a soup out of).
Druid Vampire
Druid Vampire Requiem
Druid Vampire PG-13 Ver
Druid Vampire Requiem PG-13 Ver
Highlander Hellcat

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