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Kyrja observes Sabbats, moon phases and other magickal parties with Friends of Rupert and performs "Rupert's Tales and Songs" at festivals and also every opportunity she gets. She continues to work on stories featuring fiction books and his pals, in addition to Rupert. Kyrja also likes to write and sing children's music so may burst suddenly into song at any instant!

"I am a Friend of Rupert" is among the many tunes Kyrja has composed for our furry buddy and are available close to the back of the Action Book. You could also sing along on our "Friends of Rupert" YouTube station.

You could also watch "Intro to Rupert" on YouTube, also as "Rupert's Stories and Songs" to see what the novels provide, and that which we do in festivals and events. Hop on over and join us:

you're, of course, invited to join us over the "Friends of Rupert" lover page on Facebook, or on our website at: We'd like to hear from you in

Come join the fun!

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