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L. A. (Lisa) Nicholas, Ph. D., is a "naturalized Texan" who hailed originally from Alexandria, Louisiana, where she learned to appreciate the outdoors and bug repellents. After completing a lot of years of higher education in the Midwest, she returned to North Texas and put down roots in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where she finally returned to graduate school to earn a doctorate in the literature of the Western cultural heritage from the University of Dallas.

Dr. Nicholas has lived and taught languages, literature, and humanities in a number of American states and two foreign countries. After a five year sojourn in southern Indiana, she now is back all, to remain, writing, blogging, and editing in Texas made harder by the family cats who cannot withstand her strong animal magnetism. She has grown adept at typing whilst hugging felines.

She believes in lifelong education, personal responsibility, and clean, honest alive, and has committed her entire life to the proposition that everyone who wants to do so can learn to be smarter, live more fully, and also grow wiser. Throughout her writing she expects to help others do so. Currently she's working on two novels, a pocket book book, a manual about how to get the absolute most from WordPress without turned into a code geek, and a publication about the best way to replace all the over-the-counter medication on your medicine chest with safer, healthier natural options.

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