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After taking a course in grade speaking which you may do with the sun including power, hot water, and air for a 7 year-old child Kyle looked in a solar calculator. He said, "Why don't we force our entire house with the ability of sunlight?" His 5 member family chuckled at his idea. While he was looking around playing in the forests he started to notice the abundance of sun from the fields but, and the amount of free flowing crystal clear number of water at the creek. He attained the dead wood all has been which was on the ground. He started to think to himself about how he was going to live his life , he immediately started to understand in his twenties just how much more free time he'd have if he could just work out how to live an entirely normal life with no hassle of figuring out the way tout how to earn money to pay for every one of the bills for your water and electrical businesses that his parents had complained about nearly never finish it seemed to him as a young child. He wondered when he could work out how to live off of his environment from the woods that he lived in what he'd do with all of his time. He understood that if he could succeed he'd have enough time to do all that he wished to do while he was alive. At that point his imagination began running rampant .

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