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Kris Wenzel is a native of Michigan. If his mom convinced him to buy a computer rather than investing into a radio he has been working with computers since 1979. Between then and now Kris has gone into school, earning a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Notre Dame. He's devoted his career to learning and understanding software improvement, computers, and information technology in the large.

Professionally, Kris has developed several large scale web applications in diverse areas such as the automotive, banking, and chemical industries. Besides this, Kris has worked with computer hardware and programs and has managed several setups. By these means, Kris acquired an appreciation of computer privacy and security.

Eternally, Kris likes to operate and has completed many marathons (see for the story). He's has two young boys, that test #x2019 Kris &ideas on iPhones and iPads. As a parent, Kris put a priority on making sure his children are currently swallowing content that was overburdened. Gone are the days when all parents needed to fret about were HBO or a magazine!

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