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After installed without electricity, running water and lots of hours in the stores Kylie Ansett knows a thing or two around ‘roughing it’. At the time books along with a colorful imagination were her sole source of entertainment – both writing them and reading them, and that she learned the strength of the word.

Her other passion is teaching; whether it's how to begin and run a natural therapy business (her 1st publication: Bodyworker’s Success Blueprint) or the way to look and feel younger (her 2nd novel: 10 Years Younger), or how to compose a novel (her current online class).

After both Kylie’s novels became #1 Amazon best vendors, she now teaches others the art and science of powerful publication launching in – a step by step masterclass to guide you through the jungle of self-publishing.

These times she living ‘both the large life’ at Sydney, Australia (which most certainly contains a flushing toilet), where she enjoys the most exhilarating, tenuous and always stimulating life of an entrepreneur: composing, coaching, training and producing.

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