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Lara is multi-tasker that is ultimate, homeschooler, best-selling author, professional blogger, along with a busy mom! She shares her heart, also is forthright and fair in her writing, struggles, joys, pains, and also the many lessons she has learned on her journey-in a relatable way that pulls no punches.

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Besides all that, she's a chauffeur, buddy, maid, chef, company operator, lover, confidantand mentor, and teacher, seeker, nurse, boo-boo kisser, cat fan, coffee drinker, Starbucks follower, Mexican food enthusiast, jean loving, sometimes loud mouth, opinionated, outspoken, web designer, iphone provider, also a teensy bit anal retentive, chocoholic, Survivor fan, Bible believing, animal lover, reptile and crawly things hating, speed walking, honest, working her way back into skinny jeans, and... One heck of a strong girl! (Among other things)

My Testimony: the brief version...

To share my entire testimony would be like writing a novel-- which I actually want to do. But, I thought it would be an encouragement to you personally for me to talk about a bit of what left me--me!

Because I was born my own entire life was in turmoil. I endured decades of molestation that went on throughout my pre-teens and began in toddler-hood. The crimes of sexual abuse committed against me should've been safe, and by two individuals who were not strangers. A number of the sexual abuse I endured was so sensitive that I blocked out up till my 20's.

I also grew up with a father and a mother who had been not able to be a proper mother and moved us around way too frequently. I lived in the vehicle and had been homeless several times as a child, everywhere my mom and assignments can finagle. My youth was spent not really understanding where my nex

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