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L. Darby Gibbs has been publishing science fiction novels since 2011. She has a four-book time travel series called Pupils of Jump. A publication is in the works, and she has plans for enlarging the collection. A fantasy series was started by Gibbs . The Standing Stone collection has the very first novel published a second anticipated by June 2017 along with THE SHARDED BOY. The next in the series will be out by late September 2017.

Gibbs is a professor of writing and published a non-fiction reference publication of traditional story plots branded THE LITTLE HANDBOOK OF OF NARRATIVE FRAMEWORKS in 2013.
Gibbs enjoys going to the theater, studying, travelling and spending time with her loved ones and pets. She's been married more than few years, has two dogs and just one child. She has since lived in a number of states north west, south and west and lives in the United States. Though born on the east coast, her origins are buried deepest in Southern California.

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