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Lacey Weatherford, # 1 International and USA Today Bestselling Author, enjoys tearing in the emotions of her readers. Known to many as the Queen of Hearts, Lacey's books have received several awards and accolades, such as Top 100 Greatest Teen Novel of the Year by Young Adult and Teen Clients, such as Chasing Nikki. Her Of Warlocks and Witches series has been nominated for Best Paranormal Book of Cover of the Year, the Year, Top Pick Read, multiple years in a row, and Favorite Male Character. The Crush show is really a #1 global bestseller and Allure, her new adult publication, hit on the Top 100 on each bookseller graph that is top!

Lacey attributes her success to her readers, along with of the great men and women who took some time out of their hectic lives to attempt her job. Writing has been such a wonderful creative outlet for Lacey, and those who know her know that she slides bits and pieces of her life .

Because her record of names grow longer, Lacey hopes her friendships with her viewers will probably continue to grow as well. Meeting people from around the globe is among the favourite things. She hopes to meet a lot more of you in the future!

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