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Countless folks prefer to wear    jewellery. After years of seeing millions of dollars worth of jewelry pass by his hands and that of his staff, David Bellman, President and Creator of Bellman Jewelers at Manchester, NH had his "aha" moment. He noticed that a issue. It is filthy! He asked himself whether he should be stressed in which this jewellery was and if it was sanitary to manage it all of the time. Allay some of their worries and to satisfy his curiosity, he also sent some samples to a disease control laboratory in New Jersey to have them analyze the contents of the dirt that builds up on jewellery. The discovery was not just shocking, but it was worrisome and disgusting. What we found is: there's bacteria in that dirt... rather than only a bit, there's a lot and it might cause disease and it is unhealthy. Further research proves that both dirtiest things people own are their own mobile phones and their jewelry. We have indeed been missing something from our hygiene regime!
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