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I’m also a professor at New York University. I'm fascinated by how digital technology shape the economy and transform our lives, a fascination that started after I was 13 and got my first pc.

I really like writing. "The Sharing Economy" is my first book. But I’ve composed about 50 scientific papers, over 25 op-eds, and a number of different articles and articles. I conducted a student newspaper once I was a senior in college. (I also utilized to dabble in writing humor and satire. Should you search the Web really well, you may discover some examples. I’m not assuring you’ll enjoy what you discover.)

I often speak to tech companies about issues of strategy and regulation, and at times counsel non-tech companies about the best way best to manage electronic shift. In addition, I attempt to assist federal, state and city authorities believe through policy problems linked to digital disturbance. There’so plenty of that on the horizon.

That I Reside in Greenwich Village. I’tve lived anywhere else. I travel a great deal to speak to groups of individuals. I like quiet beaches. I instruct in five distinct NYU Stern executive education plans throughout the calendar year, in the US, Europe and Asia, primarily about digital plan. (One day, I'll teach a course on a quiet shore) I also teach our MBA students about digital entrepreneurship and also our undergraduates about programs, crowds and markets.

It's possible to learn more about my work in

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