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Arya Martin's not been into those enthusiast, domineeringdudes. Even as a child, if her sexuality was simply just budding, she remembers than a Han woman; displayed a preference to the Boy Wonder she had been more of a Luke woman.

She also found herself, from a young age, paging eagerly throughout her Nancy Drew books looking for the obligatory scene where the titular heroine and her friends have been captured and tied up by the villain. She didn't understand exactly what it was; some thing about that sort of thing just made her feel all Conclusion that is * * in * regions *.

All this, once Arya reached sexual maturity and discovered a thing or 2 around the world, interpreted into a different taste for sexual dominance as well as the kinkier forms of love-play. Nothing is more charming to Arya than a helpless and helpless young guy (or woman--though she primarily favors the prior), simpering, batting his fairly eyelashes, and pleading for her servant.

One other of Arya's early childhood fires, as it happens, was writing stories. She's been turning yarns in 1 medium or another from the moment she discovered to maintain a pencil.

Given all of the above, a career composing femdom and feminization erotica just plain made sense for Arya. She has never looked back since -- and dipped her toe in the pool in the summer of 2015!

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