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I am a info system’ analyst with a Master’s Degree. Ever since then I was 21 years older, I have examined the operations of businesses organizations and factories. My training and experience has taught me how to best identify the flaws or defects of any kind of operation or procedure and choose the improvements. For the past few years, I have been applying my experience to rigorously assess the nuances of the current system when evaluating the safety, efficiency and approval process of ADHD medications. I have been amazed to discover fraudulent advertising and marketing efforts, deliberate gross neglect and misrepresentations. Piles of junk-science are used to support the baseless theory that ADHD drugs work differently normalizing their neurotransmitter levels paradoxically benefiting them. Recent studies have repeatedly disproved this notion for that there was never any legitimate supporting evidence . These unbiased studies have repeatedly shown that ADHD medication hurt those diagnosed in precisely the identical manner as they hurt individuals, starting to destroy #x 2019 & everyone; s lifestyle after around a couple of years.

Although I've got an MS in Computer Science, my second passion in life has ever been amusing. Over time, I've had many articles published in Turkish magazines and newspapers such as Ekonomi and Ege’de Son Soz. The majority of these posts have increased awareness of government policies that were deceptive or insufficient. My favorite article was on the consequences of allowing the selling of antibiotics over the counter at Turkey. This book is my very first book in English.

Both my work as an information journalist and analyst may reveal my love of piecing together scattered bits of advice like a jigsaw puzzle

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