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My name is Ashley Jones and I am an empath. I suffered from my gift for most of my life. I acknowledge back then, it had been more like a curse than a gift.

I had been constantly in an mental roller-coaster. 1 minute I'd feel excited and the subsequent one, sad, or anxious afterwards listening to someone talking about their life's problems.

I often felt so emotionally drained and exhausted that I would lock myself inside my bedroom unable to speak to anyone. In any case, physicians, psychiatrist were clueless about my illness and the one thing they'd do was to prescribe more and more heavy medication.

They sure didn't help me making me feel numb and lifeless in the interior. Most of my times, I felt like an empty vessel without a soul just wandering around cursing lifetime, believing why can not I be like everybody else? Why is it that I feel so exhausted, so different from all the rest?

I believed, if I had asked enough someday my prayers would get response but I just heard... the sound of silence.

So through time, I stopped caring about life, so I still had no motivation, no energy, no relationships and became overweight.

My normal days were spent sat on my couch, eating ice-cream and wondering what exactly was going to happen in the next episode of "Sex in the City". But and even I often thought of committing suicide. If that wouldn't be a better choice than living in agony for the rest of my days.

Fortunately, I never fell into the temptation or that I would not be here helping you conquer your situation. My parents worried and after advocating psychologist suggested for me to test Yoga.

Originally, I was not overly inclined to try it I told me, "I will try 1 class and see how it goes". I can't state in my initial course my motions were as tasteful as a dove swimming on a pond but rather li

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