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Hello, I'm Liz. I enjoy writing about my favorite topics - self explanatory, angels, tarot, and individuals. Getting creative with phrases is part of my everyday world - if exploring Switchwords, the subject of my most recent novel, or writing concerning tarot, I practise and teach at Psychic Sisters at Selfridges, London; I also love poetry, and write if the mood takes me!
I collaborate with musicians and artists also - the illustrator and designer Bev Speight to get Fairy Tale Fortune cards along with also The Victorian Steampunk Tarot (we're brewing up several new projects collectively around fairy tales; and also the composer Michael Young, with whom I worked on the video-poem, Snowbodies.
My history is in illustrated book publishing, commissioning authors (so that I understand what it's iike to be on either side of the sector); and I co-edited Kindred Spirit magazine for a couple of years. I have also worked as a copy-writer for publishers along with the BBC.
I hope you enjoy my books and I look forward to hearing from you.
PS In case you are a writer too, try bending the Switchwords GIGGLE-DONE - which gets you into the mood for composing and can help you meet a deadline.

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