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My name is Vaidya Atreya Smith. In 2005 I obtained the title "Vaidya" -a knower of Ayurveda- from my teacher in Varansi, India. Vaidya is expression used for Ayurvedic physicians that were trained in the standard manner - instructor to pupil. See my books under these names as well: Atreya, Atreya Smith, or Vaidya Atreya Smith

Atreya is a Sanskrit title that means the 'son of Atri' and also the 'linage of Atri'. Atri is one of those seven immortal Rishis in Vedic literature. Atreya also signifies 'exceeding the 3 worlds'. The three worlds are metaphors for past, current and future; paradise, hell and earth; as well as some symbolism of the simple trinity of life.

Historically Atreya is a great Rishi. He is not just an educated being but he's a social revolutionary as well. The principal subject that he revolutionized was that the medical system of Ayurveda. Atreya place Ayurveda into the machine that we've got today. Most historians agree that his is that the older faculty of the two chief universities of Ayurveda. Atreya's student wrote the earliest classical text of Ayurveda - the Caraka Samhita.

Atreya caused the 'powers that be' appreciable mad during his period. He began a fresh presentation of Ayurveda and held formal teachings with his students - many of whom where powerful or famous in their own right.

The title Atreya was given to me by my Guru and teacher HWL Poonjaji. In my very first encounter with him in August 1991 I started to speak to him for my work and interest in the science of Prana healing. In the summer of 1992 he gave me the name Atreya and pushed me gently to examine Ayurveda deeper, the ancient healing science of Indian.

To have this title is responsibility. I'm an ordinary person and am barely able to live up to the greatness of this title or the lineage of this Atri family. However, I must respect and honor the wisdom of my instructor and try and live until the name as best I ca

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