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Wireless Stereo Pairing
With 2 Rowkin earbuds, users can pair them together for a stereo feature, which makes the newly found Rowkin earphones the smallest wireless stereo Bluetooth headsets on the marketplace. Bluetooth 4.1 technology empowers users to join with the Rowkin earbuds to any intelligent device and with a working distance selection of around 25 feet.

Voice Commands, High Quality Sound, and Smart Multipoint Connectivity
Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana are Only a touch away through the multifunction button to the cordless earbud. Apple and Android users will never need to take out their smartphone out of the pocket, giving users a real wireless, hands-free encounter. Noise reduction and echo cancellation technology filters surrounding noise and enables more rapid sound during calls and if listening to music. With intelligent multipoint connectivity, even in the single earbud manner, a Rowkin earbud can be paired with two Bluetooth devices concurrently, allowing users to switch between both devices, such as, for instance, a telephone and laptop, without the trouble of adjusting.

Long Battery Life with Portable Charger
Just one charge will provide around 3 hours of battery life to each Rowkin earbud. Each Rowkin headset comes with a distinctive patented conductive mobile charger to satisfy the requirements of connected users. With a magnet, the charging apparatus holds the wireless earbud giving it additional battery lifetime on-board along with a convenient container.

ROWKIN embodies someone who's always moving forward. They control their particular boat and are always looking for what's next.
Rowkin is about discovering tech that fits in with your lifestyle and can take you to the next level.

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