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What's Tim Jacobus R.L. Stine's preferred illustrator? Perhaps since they've done so many scary novels together. Tim did the cover paintings for more than 80 Goosebumps publications, in addition to the six amazing Amazon novels. Lately, the both of them got together and asked the questions they have always wanted to ask every other...


TIM (the illustrator) asks R.L. STINE (the writer):

TIM: When I attest, I will "watch" the image in my head before I begin to draw. Do you "hear" a story when you write?

R.L.: I hear kids when I write. I try to hear the voice of their boy or woman who is telling the story. I see schools plenty and speak with children so I can keep up with what they're saying these days and what actual children sound like. Then I attempt to hear their voices tell the story as I write it.


TIM: You've written so many novels I can not do the mathematics, but I wager you have used millions of words. What is you favorite word?

R.L.: A person once caught in an elevator with an extremely witty writer called Noel Coward and said, "Say something funny." And Coward said, "Kangaroo." Kangaroo has been a favourite word of mine ever since I discovered this story. But as a horror author, I guess my favourite term is SCREAM!


TIM: Where is the strangest place you've come up with a concept for a story?

R.L.: An empty movie theater. My spouse and I went to see a scary movie in a large, old movie house-- and we were the only ones at the theater. It was kind of creepy. Then about halfway through the film, I turned about and saw that the back row has been full of people sitting right and still. Suddenly, I believed-- They're zombies! I'm trapped in a darkened zombie theatre! And that is where the concept of the publication Zombie Town came out.


TIM: In case you could not write-- and you also possessed all skills-- what might you like to do for a living?

R.L.: I attracted c

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