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Audrey Michel began sharing #x201c; Rewired Life, & her journey into wellness within her website,” at 2013. By summer time, her love of writing began to fill her newest book's pages. As her enthusiasm for sharing her concept enlarged beyond writing and to public speaking, Audrey discovered how exposure in storytelling motivates and enables audiences to become their best selves. When it's in companies, health, relationships, or our lives, most of us have barriers.

As she recounts in her novel, Rewired Life: A Journey into Untangle Chronic Pain and Endometriosis, Audrey suffered chronic pain and disorder for half of her life. In her breaking point, she eventually let her inner intellect speak out, leading her on a course to accurate and self-discovery healing beyond what medicine provided and speak up. Through it all, she chose to acknowledge its own healing skills and the mind-body link, and after 17 decades, she's pain-free and symptom-free. In site and her novel, she shares her breakthroughs and ways of discovering development and inner connection.

As a writer, speaker, and spiritual growth trainer, she attracts positivity, wellness, and inspiration to enable girls to cure. She mixes elegance, honesty, emotion, and empowerment with a sign of feistiness and style. Audrey knows our bodies are strong and maintain a plethora of information and we now hold the key to curing our bodies, minds, and spirits when we learn to translate the messages.

Audrey is an avid meditator, spiritual seeker, and advocate in the endometriosis neighborhood. In her spare time, she enjoys to hike, golf , and see and loves being with friends and family.

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