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Thomas Kurz is the author of Flexibility Express, Stretching Scientifically, Secrets of Stretching, and Science of Sports Training and co-author of Basic Instincts of all Self-Defense. He also translated from Polish to English publication by Tadeusz Starzynski and Henryk Sozanski, Ph.D., titled Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for All Sports: Atlas of Exercises. Currently he participates from Russian into English books by V. I. Usakov, Ph.D., on teaching children to swim and to skate.

Before arriving to the U.S.A., Thomas Kurz studied physical education at AWF (University School of Physical Education) in Warsaw, one of the top rated East European institutions that prepare coaches, instructorsand teachers of physical education, and rehabilitation experts.

While still a student, he had been appointed assistant coach of those students’ judo team. As a part of studies’ requirements, Kurz competed in many sports, such as gymnastics pool, swimming, and track and field events. He gave flexibility which reveals itself now in his expertise in the field of sports methodology and instruction to him, an experience evident in his books, in addition to in his work with his students and videos.

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