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I write INTELLIGENT, HOT love affair.

All three of these elements issue. I concentrate on STORY since it's the "seems" that matter all, and amazing emotion stems from compelling stories with characters that are believable. (So if you like paper-thin plots, I'm not your writer.)

But I also write HOT as it is how I'm wired, and that I will not apologize for how I am wired.

And lastly I compose INTELLIGENT tales -- something you'll have to experience to comprehend. After studying my stuff, you will either decide I'm not for you or love me. Either is equally cool. Various strokes for different folks, and all of that.

I really like to explore new places and ideas like a writer, and now I've very clever and trendy readers that offer me permission to accept my stories wherever my heart leads me.

It's possible to find out more about me (like my reading arrangement) in my site at .


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