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Together with his novels Tim Carter helps dog owners to make wiser decisions as regards dog training, puppy care, and pet wellness. Tim is one of those wonderful non-selling authors. He believes he's the TOP non-selling writer, but every so often he does promote some books, hence this title is disputed.

Tim designed Behavior Training, which uses our own behavior to train dogs to act the way we want: WELL. This part is not contested at all, as is recorded by countless comments dog owners produced on the hundreds of pages on his web page. With this website,, he has helped thousands of GSD owners to make wiser decisions as regards dog training, pet care, and dog health.

If you leave others' Obedience Training approaches behind and start to use Tim's Behavior Training, then look on your dog's eyes. They could well sparkle too. Would you find the joy? Tim's strategy shows that a well-behaved dog does not require a dog owner that is harsh or treats-focused. That's the puppy owners who do not behave nicely! Sorry, but a puppy's behavior (such as your spouse's or husband's, and also your kids's too) is a pure manifestation of your own behavior.

Without a doubt, you CAN have a dog to behave "well" using Obedience Training. But that puppy's behaviour is then quite different when you aren't around: Because there's not any one whom to comply to! Tim states: THIS is the reason why we have numerous mauled kids and dog biting cases in the world. - Give it an idea, will ya?

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