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DON'T Purchase BOTH MY DON'T BOOKS! They are nearly the same, despite different titles. There is only 1 reason I can imagine to get another copy in the event that you currently have one: virtually every writing hint is highlighted or underlined, so many pages have sticky notes trapped between them, that you can't read your original copy. Or try to close it. Perhaps you've shown me that your well-worn copy at one of my workshops or in a writers conference, also said, "I bet you have not noticed your book looking like THIS before!"

Well, yes I have, but I am always delighted to see it intensely marked-up and dog-eared. That means you actually use it. 1 author attracted her copy tens of thousands of air miles to show me its illness. Loved that! Because another thing I hear is, " Now I plan to purchase your additional DON'T book because I can barely read this any more" That is the only reason to acquire another copy. Or you need reminders of the abilities you have already mastered. Or you are family.

You see, both of my novels for writers contain basically the exact same stuff, the exact frank advice. Alright, so the subsequent DON'T SABOTAGE YOUR SUBMISSION does contain a bit of additional information and more than 100 new examples than DON'T MURDER YOUR MYSTERY comprises. But if you have obtained your first copy, just borrow it. They don't have it? Perfect! Urge them to get it. In reality, request the collection development librarian (she or he'll be pleased to see a real reader) and request both titles. The DON'T novels are references, to not be swept away in the continuing clean sweeps of a library. And because both of these names are shelved in various segments, both titles should be really owned by libraries. Don'tcha believe?

You may wonder why I and other writers would like you to use libraries rather than rushing to purchase books which help our publishers retain us print. It'

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