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Joe Goodwill (aka Average Joe Cyclist) is a person on a mission - he wants to make cycling fun and accessible to everybody, from kids to seniors, and everyone in between. To achieve that mission, Joe writes a extremely popular site called Average Joe Cyclist (, that will be a blog for average men and women who love to ride bicycles. There are lots of sites for and about athletes that cycle, and who seem great. This is not one of these blogs! Average Joe Cyclist includes news, testimonials and cycling strategies that are beneficial for average people who wish to get from cycling. Joe’s wife as she appreciates the exhilaration and health benefits of commuting to work on a bicycle Maggie contributes to Average Joe Cyclist.

Joe's first Cycling Guide is all about the best way to buy used bikes online. In this practical guide, he shares what he knows about how to find a deal bike online. The manual also has all kinds such as how to work out your bicycle size to decide what kind of bike is a guide to bicycle terminology, and also perfect for you.

Joe's second Cycling Guide is all about electric bikes, a particular passion of his own. The joy of biking opens up to nearly everybody, and Joe thinks that's a amazing thing. He firmly believes that bicycles will be among the most important tendencies of the 21st century, also has written this particular book to help people choose and knowledgeably when they spend in an electric bike. This guide includes.

Joe's next Guide is really a cookbook: Outstanding Recipes: We Lost Weight from Eating Well. Joe wrote this recipe publication in cooperation with his wife. It is an effective guide to getting healthy and losing weight working with a number of the most recent nutritional research, but at the exact same time still enjoying food. It's aimed at the average individual

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