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First published at age 13 in several poetry publication compilations, Autumn Broughton had writing abilities. In high school, she had been writing at a school level, and helped coach other students in their
newspaper writing jobs. She also received the "Outstanding Student" award, followed by a plaque and faculty service to celebrate her achievements.

At 2008, Autumn Broughton was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. After being put on multiple drugs, using multiple surgeries (including a gut resection and 2 loop ileostomies), and generally experiencing long-term disease, she also discovered a long term interest in health, the human body, and holistic recovery through food and organic medication.

Autumn is currently continuing her education about health, diet, and holistic medicine, through sources like Integrative Nutrition Institute. She's published two books so far, and is establishing a series known as "Autumn's Organic Apothecary" in an effort to share advice on natural recovery. She's been in remission from her disease for over a year with no usage of prescription drugs.

Her motto in life, if it be personal and exercise training, wellness, or life generally, is:
"I don't fail; I predominate".

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