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99U is on a mission to provide the "missing program" that every creative individual and team needs to make ideas happen. 99U is part of Behance, a team devoted to empowering and connecting the creative world.

In this ongoing book collection, 99U shares pragmatic, action-oriented insights that are made to help you become a better manager of your thoughts, your time, and also your creative career. Dozens of thought-leaders and creatives have contributed to the show, such as Seth Godin, Gretchen Rubin, Stefan Sagmeister, Tony Schwartz, Steven Pressfield, Scott Belsky, Leo Babauta, Tina Seelig, Joshua Foer, Teresa Amabile, Frans Johansson, along with many more.

Past the book collection, 99U shares insights on the best way best to produce wonderful ideas a reality via our Webby Award-winning site at 99u. Com and our favorite yearly 99U Conference in New York City. The 99U moniker comes from the mythical quotation from inventor Thomas Edison: "Genius is 1 percent certainty and 99% perspiration."

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99U is rated 8 out of 10 based on 1,109 reviews.

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