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The Writer:

Ayer Fleming has been writing since he could hold a pen and scribble on paper. Even though his early works were under valued, he began his book at only 8 years of age. Through the chaos of high school and college Ayer's writing expanded to short stories, fan fiction, and poetry.

Today, Ayer writes children's stories based on his own experiences raising his very own and stories from different parents. He writes books for young girls that he cans discuss and enjoy together with his daughter that is climbing, and horror tales that he enjoys as a grownup. He maintains a blog on the MotoGP and World Superbike racing string that has been published on several websites, most especially Aprilia Forum.

The Father:

Most moons ago the Fleming family was blessed with a crying bundle of joy. Shortly afterwards, in a succession of moments involving profound introspection, the next truths were shown to Ayer:

1. No matter how cute the baby, diapers are so poor
2. The term "spit up" doesn't mean exactly what you think it will be
3. Yes you will become extremely enthusiastic, dare I say euphoric, around a tiny human with all the potty

Since then the bundle of joy has become a vibrant, lively young lady whose creativity combined with abject stubborness has motivated may of the children's tales which Ayer writes.

The Rider:

The 1991 Kawasaki EX500 is a venerable machine. With its city tuned twin engine, sturdy build, and styling it creates for an friendly and economical entry point to motorcycling.

Unless it is pink. Bright, although not only pink pink that stands beyond your window in a quiet area in the night and blasts love songs on its boombox. Ain't no Quantity of blue which could drown out that pink, so only hope to get prepared for the first Couple of Years of your riding profession (and any time therea

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