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Aaron Paul Lazar is obsessed with writing. Hehas made twenty literary publication awards, and's completed twenty-six books up to now. He writes suspense mysteries, romance stories, and more. You'll typically find him writing his heart out in the early hours of the day - rather at the dark hours when no one is awake in his family that is bustling. Visit his site at to sign up for a free publication and to learn about potential deals.



Aaron Paul Lazar wasn't necessarily a mystery writer. It was only in eight members of the family members and friends expired the impulse to compose became overwhelming. "When my dad died, I lost it. I needed an outlet, and composing provided the sort of relaxation I could not find elsewhere."

Lazar made the Gus LeGarde puzzle series, with the founding book, DOUBLE FORTÉ, a chilling winter puzzle set at the Genesee Valley of upstate New York. Much like Lazar's daddy, protagonist Gus LeGarde is a music scientist. Gus, a priest, chef, gardener, and nature lover, plays Chopin etudes to nourish his spirit and thinks of himself as a "Renaissance man caught in the 21st century."

The creation of the show lent Lazar the relaxation he sought, however in the procedure, a new passion was unleashed. Obsessed with his universe, he now lives, breathes, and dreams about his characters, and has written eleven LeGarde mysteries in addition.

One day when rototilling his gardens, Lazar discovered a green cat's eye marble, which motivated the stereotypical mystery series featuring Sam Moore, retired state physician and passionate gardener. The green marble, a talisman, joins all three of those books in the series, whisking Sam back in time to uncover his brother's dreadful fate years earlier

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